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The code repository of XML record utilities will be moved to github, both to rekindle the project and because of the more active github community. IT will be deleted on

Project Description

This project deals with processing large XML files by splitting them into smaller parts called XMLRecords. It originated from work done for NN Bank


This project provides the following utilities:
  • extractXMLrecord.exe - Splits an XML file based on a specified filename and writes every split XML subtree to a separate file in a directory with the same name as the original file.
  • CompareXMLrecord.exe - Compares 2 XMLFiles and reports if there are any differences.
  • AnonymizeXML.exe - Anonymizes XMLfiles based on a file with anonymization rules
  • AnonymizeCSV.exe - Anonymizes CSVfiles based on a file with anonymization rules



This project originated from a commercial project where some of the development time was on the project budget and the rest was done in private time.
It turned out that the solutions were so generic that they could easily be applied outside the project context and to solve any ownership issues, it was decided to make it open source and available to everyone. This way the original project can benefit from any improvements and hopefully other people can benefit from it as well.

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